Color of Night

Five suspects. Two lovers. One killer.
Five suspects. Two lovers. One killer.
D: Richard Rush
Cinergi/Hollywood Pictures (David Matalon & Buzz Feitshans)
USA 🇺🇸 1994
123 mins
W: Matthew Chapman & Billy Ray
DP: Dietrich Lohmann
Ed: Jack Hofstra
Mus: Dominic Frontiere
Bruce Willis (Dr. Bill Capa), Jane March (Rose / Richie / Bonnie), Ruben Blades (Lt. Hector Martinez), Lesley Ann Warren (Sondra Dorio), Scott Bakula (Dr. Bob Moore), Brad Dourif (Clark), Lance Henriksen (Buck)
Atrocious attempt to emulate erotism, following the success of Basic Instinct making this thriller a borderline pornographic film in its steamier scenes.
Willis is pathetically miscast as a psychiatrist, who takes on his friends group of patients following his murder and discovers that one of the members is the murderer.
Everything about the movie stinks. The performances range from hammy to miscast, the screenplay is filled with ludicrous dialogue and the whodunit element is so blatantly obvious from the initial meeting that it's barely a whodunit at all.
The less said about the chemistry between Willis & March the better, Bruce actually has more on-screen spark with Scott Bakula, even though they only share one scene together before the latter is killed.
You could argue it's worth watching for comedy value, or as an exercise in 'how not to make a thriller', but it's almost impossible to argue that it isn't terrible on all accounts.

Bruce Willis & Jane March in Color of Night
Bruce Willis & Jane March in Color of Night