Children of the Corn

And a child shall lead them...
And a child shall lead them...
D: Fritz Kiersch
New World/Angeles/Cinema Group (Donald P. Birchers & Terence Kirby)
USA 🇺🇸 1984
92 mins
W: George Goldsmith [based on the story by Stephen King]
DP: Raoul Lomas
Ed: Harry Keramidas
Mus: Jonathan Elias
Peter Horton (Burt Stanton), Linda Hamilton (Vicky Baxter), R.G. Armstrong (Diehl), John Franklin (Isaac Chroner)
A rather average horror from the pen of Stephen King about serial killer kids in a small farming community. It's quite creepy in places, particularly with its presentation of Isaac, leader of the children, but the rest of the cast aren't entirely convincing and the story just isn't demonstrative of the author's finest works.
The insidiously creepy music composed by Jonathan Elias probably saves the entire movie, aside from that it's rather formulaic and unremarkable.
Many sequels followed, too many in fact, and most were released direct-to-video.

John Franklin in Children of the Corn
John Franklin in Children of the Corn