Charlie Wilson's War

D: Mike Nichols
Universal (Tom Hanks & Gary Goetzman)
USA 🇺🇸 2007
101 mins
W: Aaron Sorkin
DP: Stephen Goldblatt
Ed: John Bloom & Antonia Van Drimmelen
Mus: James Newton Howard
PD: Victor Kempster
Tom Hanks (Charlie Wilson), Julia Roberts (Joanne Herring), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Gust Avrakotos), Amy Adams (Bonnie Bach), Ned Beatty (Doc Long), Om Puri (President Zia of Pakistan), Emily Blunt (Jane Liddle)
Based on the true story of an American politician who drummed up support for Afghan guerrillas during an invasion by the Soviet Union.
Perhaps I'd have enjoyed this film more if I cared about US politics, but I don't.
That being said, a witty screenplay is given real zest by lively performances by Tom Hanks, Amy Adams, Julia Roberts and a scene-stealing Philip Seymour Hoffman as a disgruntled CIA spy.
A fun history lesson which will mean more to Americans than those on British shores.

Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson's War
Julia Roberts & Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson's War