Captain America (1990)

D: Albert Pyun
Castle/21st Century/Marvel (Menahem Golan)     
USA/Czechoslovakia 🇺🇸 🇷🇸 1990
97 mins
Adventure/Fantasy/Science Fiction
W: Stephen Tolkin
DP: Philip Alan Waters
Ed: David Reale
Mus: Barry Goldberg
Matt Salinger (Steve Rogers / Captain America), Ronny Cox (President Tom Kimball), Ned Beatty (Sam Kolawetz), Scott Paulin (Tadzio de Santis / Red Skull), Kim Gillingham (Bernice / Sharon)
Cheap comic book adaptation, seemingly filmed without a budget.
The movie is often classed as one of the worst superhero movies of all time and it's very difficult to disagree.
Captain America, a super soldier created in a top-secret military laboratory during World War II, foils a plot to launch a missile at The White House and awakens from a block of ice in the present day where he discovers his old nemesis, The Red Skull, is living in Italy and still up to his dastardly shenanigans.
It's worth watching just for the ridiculous scene where The Red Skull chops off his own arm (because he is stupid), but anyone watching in the hope that they'll see some breathtaking special effects or pulsating action scenes will be very disappointed. There aren't any. Unless you count a scene where Captain America steals a car by outrunning a fat guy (this seriously happens).
Unintentionally funny moments don't prevent this from being a bonafide turkey though, every stage of the filmmaking process is so badly done, from a screenplay filled with horrible dialogue to the terrible acting which has to deliver it. The unconvincing sets, costume design, makeup and inaudible sound recording only compound this.
It was released straight to video in most countries, much to the disappointment of the producer, Menahem Golan, who had already suffered a string of flops before production started on this film.

Matt Salinger in Captain America
Matt Salinger in Captain America