We dare you to say his name five times...
We dare you to say his name five times...
D: Bernard Rose
Columbia/Polygram/Propaganda (Steve Golin, Sigurjon Sighvatsson & Alan Poul)
USA 🇺🇸 1992
93 mins


W: Bernard Rose [based on the novel by Clive Barker]
DP: Anthony B. Richmond 
Ed: Dan Rae
Mus: Philip Glass

Virginia Madsen (Helen Lyle), Tony Todd (Candyman), Xander Berkeley (Trevor Lyle), Kasi Lemmons (Bernadette Walsh), Vanessa Williams (Anne-Marie McCoy), DeJuan Guy (Jake)

Amongst the better horror movies of the early 1990's about a mythical hook-handed serial killer who appears when you look into a mirror and say his name five times.
Virginia Madsen plays an anthropology student who aims to prove his existence.
It's unfortunate that the film ends on incredibly predictable note, but it's an effective bogeyman/slasher film, which also has allegories towards slavery and racism which are quite clever. An impressive horror for the early 1990's, when the genre gravitated mostly towards hashed sequels and scary toys.
A sequel followed, but it lacked the recipe which made this a worthwhile watch.

Tony Todd in Candyman
Tony Todd in Candyman