The Book of Henry

Never leave things undone
Never leave things undone


D: Colin Trevorrow

Focus Features/Double Nickel (Sidney Kimmel, Jenette Kahn & Adam Richman)

USA 🇺🇸 2017

105 mins


W: Gregg Hurwitz

DP: John Schwartzman

Ed: Kevin Stitt

Mus: Michael Giacchino

Naomi Watts (Susan Carpenter), Jaeden Lieberher (Henry Carpenter), Jacob Tremblay (Peter Carpenter), Maddie Ziegler (Christina Sickleman), Dean Norris (Glenn Sickleman), Sarah Silverman (Sheila)

Preposterous would be a good word to describe this maudlin and manipulative drama, starring Naomi Watts as a single mother to two boys, the oldest of which is precocious 11-year-old Henry, who does the family finances and knows big words like Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. He demonstrates his knowledge at any given opportunity in the opening act, whilst his mother fucks about on her PlayStation and shows no maternal qualities whatsoever.

It's soon discovered that Henry has a brain tumour and he subsequently dies, leaving behind a diary where he details witnessing the police commissioner next door molesting his young daughter, as well as plan for Watts to take him out sniper-style.

The plot really is truly ludicrous, not helped by Naomi Watts sleepwalking through the role. Amongst the worst films of 2017 and certainly one of the stupidest.


The Book of Henry
The Book of Henry