The Blues Brothers

They're on a mission from God
They're on a mission from God
D: John Landis
Universal (Robert K. Weiss)
USA 🇺🇸 1980
133 mins
W: John Landis
DP: Stephen Katz
Ed: George Folsey, Jr.
Mus: Elmer Bernstein
PD: John J. Lloyd
Cos: Deborah Nadoolman
John Belushi (Jake), Dan Aykroyd (Elwood), James Brown (Rev. James), Cab Calloway (Curtis), Ray Charles (Ray), Carrie Fisher (Mystery Woman), Aretha Franklin (Soul Food Cafe Owner), Henry Gibson (Nazi Leader), John Candy (Burton Mercer), Murphy Dunne (Murph)
Shortly after release from prison, one of two musician brothers gets a religious epiphany to reform their old blues band and put on a show to raise proceeds to save the nunnery where they were raised.
Derided at the time for being an exercise in profligacy, it wasn't until it's VHS release 10 years later that it was hailed as a cult classic.
It is shamefully over-the-top, particularly in the chase scenes and has very little going for it by way of subplot, but there are some brilliantly funny moments, a fantastic blues & soul soundtrack and inspiring cameos from musical legends including Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, John Lee Hooker, Cab Calloway and many others.
A sequel (Blues Brothers 2000) followed, nearly 20 years later, but without the late John Belushi, it wasn't met with appreciation from the original film's fanbase.

The Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers