Bugsy Malone

D: Alan Parker
Paramount (Alan Marshall)
UK 🇬🇧 1976
93 mins


W: Alan Parker
DP: Michael Seresin & Peter Biziou
Ed: Gerry Hambling
Mus: Paul Williams
PD: Geoffrey Kirkland
Cos: Monica Howe

Scott Baio (Bugsy Malone), Jodie Foster (Tallulah), Florrie Dugger (Blousey), John Cassisi (Fat Sam), Paul Murphy (Leroy), Albin Jenkins (Fizzy), Martin Lev (Dandy Dan), Davidson Knight (Knuckles), Paul Chirelstein (Smolsky), Paul Besterman (Yonkers)

Musical gangster film unlike any other, with an all-juvenile cast playing the parts of the mobsters with tommy guns firing cream instead of bullets. The story follows gang wars and molls, much the way any other gangster film would, but is standout simply because of its original take on casting children.
A film like this would probably be frowned on nowadays, but was a mini-classic of its time.
Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone