Bride of the Monster

D: Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Rolling M (Edward D. Wood, Jr.)
USA 🇺🇸 1953
69 mins
Science Fiction
W: Edward D. Wood, Jr. & Alex Gordon
DP: Ted Allan & William C. Thompson
Ed: Warren Adams
Mus: Frank Worth
Bela Lugosi (Dr. Eric Vornoff), Tor Johnson (Lobo), Tony McCoy (Lt. Dick Craig), Loretta King (Janet Lawton), Harvey Dunn (Capt. Robbins)
A mad scientist invents an atomic weapon which give people superhuman strength.
Rubbish B-movie from Edward D. Wood, Jr., the so-called "worst director of all time", it spent two years in production due to budgetary problems and it's apparent to see which scenes were added at a later date because the editing just doesn't marry the film together.
Worth watching just for the unintentionally hilarious scene where Bela Lugosi wrestles with a giant rubber octopus which is clearly being moved by the actor's arms. This was due to the production crew stealing the prop from the studio but not the electronic motor which powered it.
A landmark B-movie for all the wrong reasons.

Bride of the Monster
Bride of the Monster