The con is on
The con is on
D: Frank Oz
Universal/Imagine (Brian Grazer)
USA 🇺🇸 1999
97 mins
W: Frank Oz
DP: Ueli Steiger
Ed: Richard Pearson
Mus: David Newman
PD: Jackson DeGovia
Steve Martin (Bobby Bowfinger), Eddie Murphy (Kit Ramsay/Jiff), Heather Graham (Daisy), Christine Baranski (Carol), Jamie Kennedy (Dave), Adam Alexi-Malle (Afrim), Kohl Sudduth (Slater), Barry Newman (Kit's Agent), Robert Downey, Jr. (Jerry Renfro), Terence Stamp (Terry Stricter)
Steve Martin plays charlatan film producer/director Bobby Bowfinger who feels he has a hit on his hands with a science fiction     script called Chubby Rain, but the only way he'll get distribution is if he manages to get A-list superstar Kit Ramsay (Murphy) in the lead role.
Kit, a paranoid member of a strange cult, refuses to star, so Bowfinger makes the film without his knowledge, staging actors to speak their lines and catching his reaction on camera, as well as using a double who looks just like a geeky-version of Ramsay for other scenes, such as a chase over a busy freeway during rush hour.
For the most part, Bowfinger is an incredibly funny comedy with a bit of a cynical dig at Hollywood and filmmaking, with Steve Martin & Eddie Murphy delivering their funniest performances for many a moon.
It's a shame that the ending is a complete cop-out, with Chubby Rain proving to be a box office success. The movie within the movie was absolutely atrocious!

Steve Martin & Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger
Steve Martin & Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger