Blood Simple

D: Joel Coen
Palace/River Road (Ethan Coen)
USA 🇺🇸 1984 (released 1985)
99 mins


W: Joel Coen & Ethan Coen
DP: Barry Sonnenfeld
Ed: Roderick Jaynes, Don Wiegmann & Peggy Connolly
Mus: Carter Burwell
PD: Jane Musky

John Getz (Ray), Frances McDormand (Abby), Dan Hedaya (Julian Marty),  M. Emmet Walsh (Visser)

The Coen Brothers' debut movie is still classed as one of their best.
The plot has been done before and since but this is still an excellent delivery of a much copied story; a bar owner hires a sleazy hitman to kill his unfaithful wife and the man she's having an affair with, but the tables are turned on him.
The Coen's demonstrate their usual style here which made them become the top filmmakers they are today with atmospheric photography from Barry Sonnenfeld and their usual dark, unscrupulous and quirky characters.

Blood Simple
Blood Simple