Blast from the Past

D: Hugh Wilson
New Line/Midnight Sun (Renny Harlin & Hugh Wilson)
USA 🇺🇸 1999
111 mins


W: Bill Kelly & Hugh Wilson
DP: Jose Luis Alcaine
Ed: Don Brochu
Mus: Steve Dorff
PD: Robert Ziembicki

Brendan Fraser (Adam Webber), Alicia Silverstone (Eve Rustikoff), Christopher Walken (Calvin Webber), Sissy Spacek (Helen Webber), Dave Foley (Troy), Joey Slotnick (Melcher), Dale Raoul (Mom)

Innocently good, fun comedy which is better than the title would suggest and is a decent twist on other culture clash movies and fish out of water tales.
Brendan Fraser plays Adam, a 35 year old who was born and raised in a nuclear fallout shelter with his parents all his life.  He emerges from the depths into California, 1999 on a quest to find supplies for his parents but also wants to find a girl for himself, and he meets Valley Girl, Eve (Silverstone). 
He asks for Eve's help to show him around town and introduce him to 90's culture, but he's still very much stuck in the 60's with his mannerisms, speech and love of Perry Como music.      
It's a sweet film with a few funny moments but also many silly ones. Brendan Fraser plays a good part, but all the cast are generally good, especially Christopher Walken as Adam's bookish father.

Alicia Silverstone & Brendan Fraser in Blast From The Past
Alicia Silverstone & Brendan Fraser in Blast From The Past
Did You Know:
While growing up in the bunker, Calvin unsuccessfully attempts to explain the game of baseball to a young Adam. When Adam finally leaves the bunker, he gets to witness a game, upon which he states "Now I get it! You have to actually see it to understand it!" The game he is watching is in fact softball, not baseball.