The power of an immortal. The soul of a human. The heart of a hero.
The power of an immortal. The soul of a human. The heart of a hero.
BLADE (18)
D: Stephen Norrington
New Line/Amen Ra/Imaginary Forces (Peter Frankfurt, Wesley Snipes & Robert Engleman) 
USA 🇺🇸 1998
121 mins


W: David S. Goyer [based on characters created by Marv Wolfman & Gene Colan]
DP: Theo Van de Sande
Ed: Paul Rubell
Mus: Mark Isham
PD: Kirk M. Petrucelli

Wesley Snipes (Eric Brooks / Blade), Stephen Dorff (Deacon Frost), Kris Kristofferson (Abraham Whistler), N'Bushe Wright (Dr. Karen Jenson), Donal Logue (Quinn), Udo Kier (Gitano Dragonetti)

Based on a series of graphic novels and amassing a respectable cult following, Wesley Snipes plays the title character, a half-man, half-vampire vigilante who slays fully-fledged vampires to prevent them from taking over the world.
I'm not a huge fan of modern vampire movies which twist the legend into something which is almost undead, but this had a bit of uniqueness to it.  I still don't buy the theory that a vampire can go out in daylight so long as they're wearing a bit of sunblock.
Not a huge fan of Wesley Snipes either and certainly not the visual effects which appear in this movie... excruciatingly bad for the late 1990's.

Wesley Snipes in Blade
Wesley Snipes in Blade
Did You Know:
When David S. Goyer first pitched the idea of doing a Blade movie, the executives of New Line felt there were only three actors who could possibly do the role: Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington and Laurence Fishburne, but in Goyer's mind, Snipes was always the perfect choice for the character of Blade.