Big Momma's House

...he's concealing more than a weapon
...he's concealing more than a weapon
D: Raja Gosnell
20th Century Fox/Regency (David T. Friendly & Michael Green)
USA 🇺🇸 2000
98 mins
W: Darryl Quarles & Don Rhymer
DP: Michael O'Shea
Ed: Bruce Green & Kent Bedya
Mus: Richard Gibbs
PD: Craig Stearns
Martin Lawrence (Malcolm Turner), Nia Long (Sherry Pierce), Paul Giamatti (John Maxwell), Terrence Howard (Lester Vesco), Anthony Anderson (Nolan), Ella Mitchell (Hattie Mae Pierce), Jascha Washington (Trent Pierce)
FBI agent Martin Lawrence dons a fat suit and makeup to disguise himself as an obese granny in order to catch an escaped bank robber.
A low brow comedy with fart jokes which is basically a black version of Mrs. Doubtfire with a slight inclination into the crime genre.
Martin Lawrence seems to fancy himself as the new Eddie Murphy, but he simply doesn't have the charisma.
If the sight and sound of a fat black woman breaking wind amuses you then you'll find this a comedy treat. 

Martin Lawrence in Big Momma's House
Martin Lawrence in Big Momma's House
Did You Know:
Screenwriter Darryl Quarles came up with the idea for the name "Big Momma" because it was what the neighborhood kids used to call his own real life mother.