Betty Blue

BETTY BLUE (aka 37.2 LE MATIN)Β (18)
D: Jean-Jacques Beneix
Constellation/Cargo (Claudie Ossard & Jean-Jacques Beneix)
France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· 1986
120 mins


W: Jean-Jacques Beneix [based on the novel '37.2 le Matin' by Philippe Djian]
DP: Jean-Francois Robin
Ed: Monique Prim
Mus: Gabriel Yared

Beatrice DalleΒ (Betty), Jean-Hughes Anglade (Zorg), Consuelo de Havilland (Lisa), Gerard Darmon (Eddy), Clementine Celarie (Annie), Jacques Mathou (Bob)

A waitress embarks upon a steamy affair with a budding novelist and inspires him to get his work published.
This erotic drama has plenty of sex scenes, but is by no means a softcore pornographic film, featuring an amazing performance from the pouting beauty Beatrice Dalle. Β It received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in 1986 and was a huge hit in its native France.

Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue
Beatrice Dalle in Betty Blue
Did You Know:
"37,2 Le Matin" - the French title of the film, is a woman's body temperature in Celsius, when she is ovulating.