The Battle For Earth Begins At Sea
The Battle For Earth Begins At Sea
D: Peter Berg
Universal/Hasbro/Bluegrass (Peter Berg, Brian Goldner, Scott Stuber, Sarah Aubrey, Duncan Henderson & Bennett Schneir)
USA 🇺🇸 2012
131 mins
Action/Science Fiction
W: Jon Hoeber & Erich Hoeber [based on the board game by Hasbro]
DP: Tobias Schliessler
Ed: Colby Parker, Jr., Billy Rich & Paul Rubell
Mus: Steve Jablonsky
Taylor Kitsch (Lt. Alex Hopper), Alexander Skarsgård (Cmmdr. Stone Hopper), Brooklyn Decker (Samantha Shane), Rihanna (Cora Raikes), Tadanobu Asano (Capt. Nagata), Liam Neeson (Admiral Terrence Shane)
A pathetic excuse for a movie, supposedly based on the Battleship board game, but they may as well have called it 'Transformers On The Sea' since it's abundantly clear where the story gets it's real inspiration.
Everyone involved in the making of this tripe should be embarrassed (in fact, Liam Neeson looks it throughout) and Rihanna should stick to her bland, insipid pop music instead of attempting to act, she's excruciatingly bad. She could have at least sent herself up by saying the line "B-9, what's my name?". She actually may have during a part when my brain switched off. The 'script' really is THAT bad. Films based on video games are bad enough, without bringing board games into the mix. Battleshit would have been a more honest title.

Did You Know:
The movie is based on the Milton Bradley game "Battleship", which has been manufactured since 1931, and was later developed by the Hasbro corporation. Some of the artillery in the film is shaped like the pegs used in the game. The original paper and pencil version of the game predates World War I.