Basket Case

D: Frank Henenlotter
Analysis (Edgar Ievins)
USA 🇺🇸 1982
93 mins
W: Frank Henenlotter
DP: Bruce Torber
Ed: Frank Henenlotter
Mus: Gus Russo
Kevin Van Hententyck (Duane Bradley), Terri Susan Smith (Sharon), Beverly Bonner (Casey), Diana Browne (Dr. Judith Kutter), Lloyd Pace (Dr. Harold Needleman)
A young man who checks into a tacky hotel in New York carrying a basket containing his surgically-removed Siamese Twin, now a deformed creature, with a plan hatching to exact revenge on the doctors who separated them.
It's a cheap schlock horror from a filmmaking era of exploitation, low budget 'video nasties'.
This is one of the better films from the period. It's either disgusting or hilarious, depending on your point of view on the genre.  Two lesser appreciated sequels followed in the 1990's.

Basket Case
Basket Case
Did You Know:
When Duane checks into the Hotel Broslin, he takes out a wad of cash. According to director Frank Henenlotter, that money was the film's entire budget.
The film was so low budget that most of the credits that appear at the end of the film are fake. The crew was actually very small and, rather than repeat the same names over and over again, they decided to just make up names.