D: David Hand
Disney (Walt Disney)
USA 🇺🇸 1942
70 mins
W: Perce Pearce & Larry Morey [based on the story by Felix Salten]
Mus: Frank Churchill & Edward H. Plumb
voices of: Bobby Stewart / Donnie Dunagan / Hardie Albright / John Sutherland (Bambi), Peter Behn / Tim Davis / Sam Edwards (Thumper), Paula Winslowe (Bambi's Mother)
One of the original Disney classics and still amongst the studio's best animated features.
The animation looks years ahead of it's time in this heart-tugging fable about a young deer growing up in the wild. The movie balances finely between cuteness and drama in the early stages before turning to adventure in the final moments.
Rabbit-sidekick Thumper must truly rank as one of the great animated characters of all time.
Did You Know:
Bambi was Walt Disney's personal favorite of all his animated features.