Bachelor Party

Shocking. Shameless. Sinful. Wicked. And the party hasn't even started yet.
Shocking. Shameless. Sinful. Wicked. And the party hasn't even started yet.
D: Neal Israel
20th Century Fox/Aspect Ratio/Twin Continental (Ron Moler & Bob Israel)
USA 🇺🇸 1984
105 mins
W: Neal Israel & Pat Proft
DP: Hal Trussell
Ed: Tom Walls
Mus: Robert Folk
Tom Hanks (Rick Gassko), Tawny Kitean (Debbie Thompson), Adrian Zmed (Jay O'Neill), George Grizzard (Ed Thompson), Barbara Stuart (Mrs Thompson), Robert Prescott (Cole Whittier)
Unfairly savaged by the critics for being too crude and puerile. It's a film about a bachelor party! What did they expect? Characters sitting around drinking tea, eating cucumber sandwiches and discussing cricket??
Yes, it does have a lot of guys drinking themselves stupid, indulging in drug-taking, having sex with prostitutes and participating in other shenanigans which aren't very Christian, but it's funny. Hilarious in parts, even though the humour is toilet filthy and quite cruel.
All the characters are complete and utter slobs and they all have one or two traits which are a bit irritating, but there is nothing obnoxiously bad about this film. In fact, it does what is says on the tin.
It's obviously not going to be for everyone's tastes, so those who find bad taste humour offensive would be best advised to steer well clear, but for those who like a bit of smut, you can't get dirtier than this.
Strangely, Tom Hanks is actually a bit embarrassed by this and tries to ignore the existence of this film... Why Tom? Don't forget about your roots!

Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party
Did You Know:
Kelly McGillis and Paul Reiser were originally considered for the lead-roles early in production, but were replaced due to lack of chemistry between the actors.