A Bridge Too Far

D: Richard Attenborough
MGM/United Artists (Joseph E. Levine, Richard Levine & Michael Stanley-Evans)
UK 🇬🇧 1977
176 mins
W: William Goldman [based on the book by Cornelius Ryan]
DP: Geoffrey Unsworth
Ed: Antony Gibbs
Mus: John Addison
Dirk Bogarde (Lt. Gen. Browning), James Caan (Sgt. Dohun), Michael Caine (Lt. Col Vandeleur), Sean Connery (Maj. Gen. Urquhart), Edward Fox (Lt. Gen. Horrocks), Elliot Gould (Col. Stout), Gene Hackman (Maj. Gen. Sosabowski), Anthony Hopkins (Lt. Col. John Frost), Laurence Olivier (Dr. Spaander)

A movie too long?

Richard Attenborough's war drama is a strikingly well made account of one of the allied failures of WWII, and though it attempts to capture the action from several points of view, it could have done with being half an hour shorter. The first act especially could easily have been abridged for reasons of pacing. Still, it's easy to see why it's considered a classic of the war genre, with a cast full of star names from a generation of excellent actors.


A Bridge Too Far
A Bridge Too Far