All That Jazz

D: Bob Fosse
Columbia/20th Century Fox (Robert Alan Aurthur)
USA 🇺🇸 1979
123 mins
W: Robert Alan Aurthur & Bob Fosse
DP: Giuseppe Rotunno
Ed: Alan Heim
Mus: Ralph Burns
PD: Philip Rosenberg & Tony Walton
Cos: Albert Wolsky
Roy Scheider (Joe Gideon), Jessica Lange (Angelique), Ann Reinking (Kate Jagger), Leland Palmer (Audrey Paris), Cliff Gorman (David Newman), Ben Vereen (O'Connor Flood), Erzebet Foldi (Michelle)

A semi-autobiographical musical from Bob Fosse (inspired by Federico Fellini's 8 & 1/2) which juxtaposes choreographed dance sequences with dramatic moments charting a life of excess.
It's very self-indulgent and if you've not seen a Bob Fosse movie before the whole point will be lost. The whole movie is good to look at, but isn't particularly easy to watch, especially in its borderline morbid moments (a quite explicit open heart surgery scene with background dancers being a prime example).
Not for everyone, but a must watch for Fosse fans or those who just love Broadway.

Roy Scheider in All That Jazz
Roy Scheider in All That Jazz
Did You Know:
Richard Dreyfuss was originally cast in the role of Joe Gideon but left the production during the rehearsal stage, citing a lack of confidence in the production. He later admitted that he made a mistake in passing up the chance to work with Bob Fosse.

Award Wins & Nominations:


Wins: 2 (Best Costume Design; Best Original Musical or Comedy Score)

Nominations: 9 (Best Picture; Best Actor in a Leading Role; Best Director; Best Ensemble Cast; Best Screenplay - Original; Best Cinematography; Best Film Editing; Best Production Design; Best Sound)


Wins: 4 (Best Art Direction; Best Costume Design; Best Film Editing; Best Original Song Score or Adaptation)

Nominations: 5 (Best Picture; Best Actor in a Leading Role; Best Director; Best Screenplay - Original; Best Cinematography)


Wins: 2 (Best Cinematography; Best Film Editing)

Nominations: 4 (Best Actor; Best Costume Design; Best Production Design; Best Sound)


Cannes Film Festival (Palme d'Or); Eddie (Best Editing)