D: Woody Allen
Orion (Robert Greenhut)
US 1983
79 mins


W: Woody Allen
DP: Gordon Willis
Ed: Susan E. Morse
Mus: Dick Hyman
PD: Mel Bourne
Cos: Santo Loquasto

Woody Allen (Leonard Zelig), Mia Farrow (Dr. Endora Fletcher), John Buckwater (Dr. Sindell)

Woody Allen's Citizen Kane, though nowhere near as iconic. The writer-director-star utilises a documentary style, including fictional interviews and narration to present the life of Leonard Zelig, a human chameleon, who, in the early 20th century would assimilate into various social groups who would shape history.
The central idea of the film is better than the execution, though the technical trickery which inserts Allen's image into footage of historical figures such as Adolf Hitler, Eugene O'Neill & Theodore Roosevelt is very well done.
The middle act, when the film gets bogged down in psychoanalysis babble, does drag a little, but with a running time of only 79 minutes, the film itself is rather easy going.
It think it's more intellectual than what it actually is, but the technical achievements such as cinematography, editing and visual effects are very well done.