Young Einstein

D: Yahoo Serious
Warner Bros. (Yahoo Serious, Warwick Ross & David Roach)
Australia 1988
91 mins
W: Yahoo Serious & David Roach
DP: Jeff Darling
Ed: David Roach, Amanda Robson, Neil Thumpston & Peter Whitmore
Mus: William Motzing, Martin Armiger & Tommy Tycho
Yahoo Serious (Albert Einstein), Odile le Clezio (Marie Curie), John Howard (Preston Preston), Peewee Wilson (Mr. Einstein), Su Cruickshank (Mrs. Einstein)
Slapstick from down under featuring Aussie comedian Yahoo Serious as a madcap scientist who puts the bubbles in beer before inventing the surfboard, the electric guitar and rock & roll.
There's a couple of funny moments, but the film prides itself on being silly. The lead actor didn't receive any more exposure outside his native homeland as this film intended him to, which is a small pity, as he's the funniest thing about this film (but this could be because the rest of the performances are grating). 
It's all relative, you don't need to be a genius to have a laugh at some complete nonsense... and although it's all quite puerile, it is insanely fun.

Yahoo Serious in Young Einstein
Yahoo Serious in Young Einstein