YANKS (15)
D: John Schlesinger
United Artists/CIP (Joe Janni & Lester Persky)
UK/West Germany 1979
141 mins
W: Colin Welland & Walter Bernstein
DP: Dick Bush
Ed: Jim Clark
Mus: Richard Rodney Bennett
PD: Brian Morris
Richard Gere (Matt Dyson), Lisa Eichhorn (Jean Moreton), Vanessa Redgrave (Helen), William Devane (Capt. John), Rachel Roberts (Clarrie Moreton)
American soldiers billeted in a Lancashire town during World War II have romantic relationships with the locals.
A rather long dirge which tries to say something about xenophobia but lacks the drama to be fully convincing. Also, Richard Gere's character is rather repugnant and obnoxious. The female cast members do well though, especially Rachel Roberts, with the performance of the movie.

Lisa Eichhorn & Richard Gere in Yanks
Lisa Eichhorn & Richard Gere in Yanks