The animal is out
The animal is out
WOLF (18)
D: Mike Nichols
Columbia (Douglas Wick)
US 1994
125 mins


W: Jim Harrison & Wesley Strick 
DP: Giuseppe Rotunno
Ed: Sam O'Steen
Mus: Ennio Morricone

Jack Nicholson (Will Randall), Michelle Pfeiffer (Laura Alden), James Spader (Stewart Swinton), Kate Nelligan (Charlotte Randall), Christopher Plummer (Raymond Alden)

The biggest disappointment of 1994? Well, it's certainly one of them.
Jack Nicholson stars as a publishing editor who is bitten by a wolf and begins to develop lycanthrope tendencies, including an increased aural perception and howling at the moon. Wolf-like qualities also play as a double entendre as he also romances younger woman Laura Alden (Pfeiffer).
The trouble is that this is a werewolf film that simply isn't remotely scary, instead it settles for a character study on a mythical beast and a romance between Wolfman Jack and Michelle Pfeiffer which doesn't work due to the complete lack of on-screen chemistry. 
An unfulfilling mish-mash of genres which don't go to the same parties. A shame, since there was so much potential for this to have been better.

Jack Nicholson in Wolf
Jack Nicholson in Wolf