Satan also had one son
Satan also had one son
D: Steve Miner
Medusa/New World (Steve Miner)
US 1989
102 mins


W: David Twohy
DP: David Eggby
Ed: David Finfer
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith

Julian Sands (Warlock), Richard E. Grant (Giles Redferne), Lori Singer (Kassandra), Kevin O'Brien (Chas), Mary Woronov (Channeler)

Cheesy 80's nonsense starring Julian Sands as a 17th century warlock who timetravels to the 20th century leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Richard E. Grant also stars as a witch hunter who must put his mischief to a stop.
It's one of those films which worked well in the 1980's but has dated very poorly. It's not terrible, it isn't particularly good either, but the performances keep it fun. It's just the story that lacks magic.
A sequel was released straight to video in 1993.