Waking Life

D: Richard Linklater
20th Century Fox/IFC/Thousand Words/Line Research/Detour (Anne Walker-McBay, Tommy Pallotta, Palmer a West & Jonah Smith)
US 2001
100 mins


W: Richard Linklater
Mus: Glover Hill & Tosca Tango

Wiley Wiggins, Trevor Jack Brooks, Lorelei Linklater, Glover Gill, Lara Hicks, Ames Asbell, Leigh Mahoney, Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy

Waking Life is an experimental, documentary-style animated feature which uses rotoscope techniques and is pretty much a host of characters having philosophical discussions about what dreams are.

It's either going to be your thing or it isn't. I personally found it all rather pretentious and although I appreciate Richard Linklater as a filmmaker who likes to do things a little different from the norm, this was just far too arty for me. 


Waking Life
Waking Life