1,000,000 tons. 100,00 lives. 100 minutes.
1,000,000 tons. 100,00 lives. 100 minutes.
D: Tony Scott
20th Century Fox/Dune/Scott Free/Prospect Park/Millbrook Farm (Tony Scott, Julie Yorn, Mimi Rogers, Eric McLeod & Alex Young)
US 2010
98 mins


W: Mark Bomback
DP: Ben Seresin
Ed: Chris Lebenzon & Robert Duffy
Mus: Harry Gregson-Williams

Denzel Washington (Frank Barnes), Chris Pine (Will Colson), Rosario Dawson (Connie Hooper), Ethan Suplee (Dewey), Kevin Dunn (Oscar)

In the mid-80's, Jon Voight & Eric Roberts starred in a similar movie, simply called Runaway Train, which was a marginally better movie despite not being based on a true story.
The plot for Unstoppable could easily have quashed into an episode for a tv series or even a movie-of-the-week. They may not have got Denzel though, easily the best thing about this movie. It's all quite ridiculous and almost unbelievably that these events are based on a true story, but this is a world where stranger things have happened.
The moral of the story seems to be that; If you don't do your job properly on the railroad, you'll wind up working for McDonald's. 
Was it also necessary for the pathetically inappropriate Missy Elliott song (called "Work") in the closing credits?
The film may be unstoppable, but it certainly isn't unforgettable.