Under the Skin

D: Carine Adler
BFI/Channel 4/Strange Dog (Kate Ogborn)
UK 1997
82 mins


W: Carine Adler
DP: Barry Ackroyd
Ed: Ewa J. Lind
Mus: Ilona Sekacz

Samantha Morton (Iris Kelly), Claire Rushbrook (Rose Kelly), Rita Tushingham (Mum), Mark Womack (Frank), Matthew Delamere (Gary)

Samantha Morton, make her feature film debut at the age of 20, delivers an excellent performance in this small British independent film. 
Two sisters in Liverpool, both devastated following their mother's death from a brain rumour, react to the grief in very different ways. 
Rose, with silence and dignity, whilst Iris, the younger of the two, seeks comfort through promiscuous, casual sex.
Filmed on a minuscule budget with a cast of lesser-known British acting talent, Under The Skin is a bleak but powerful drama of grief, loss and the importance of family.

Samantha Morton in Under the Skin
Samantha Morton in Under the Skin