Two Girls & A Guy

D: James Toback
Fox Searchlight/Muse (Edward R. Pressman & Chris Hanley)
US 1997
84 mins


W: James Toback
DP: Barry Markowitz
Ed: Alan Oxman

Robert Downey, Jr. (Blake Allen), Heather Graham (Carla Bennett), Natasha Gregson-Wagner (Lou)

Two girls meet outside their boyfriend's apartment and discover that they're both dating the same man.
A small film which cashed in on Robert Downey, Jr.'s reputation as a Hollywood bad boy, unfortunately the women in the cast are given virtually nothing to do and come off as very weak characters. With a three person cast, a single location and a story which takes place over real time, it would probably have worked best as material for a stage play.
The cast of Two Girls & A Guy
The cast of Two Girls & A Guy