Trouble in Store

D: John Paddy Carstairs
GFD/Two Cities (Maurice Cowan)
UK 1953
85 mins


W: John Paddy Carstairs, Maurice Cowan & Ted Willis
DP: Ernest Steward
Ed: Geoffrey Foot & Peter Seabourne
Mus: Mischa Spoliansky

Norman Wisdom (Norman), Jerry Desmonde (Augustus Freeman), Margaret Rutherford (Miss Bacon), Moira Lister (Peggy Drew), Derek Bond (Gerald), Lana Morris (Sally Wilson), Joan Sims (Edna)

The first, and still best, of Norman Wisdom's slapstick features, starring the comedian as a slapdash department store assistant who causes chaos on the job.
Norman Wisdom, not only follows in the footsteps of comedy greats Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy, he stands beside them, with a unique act that impersonators attempt to ape, but will never be able to better.

Trouble in Store
Trouble in Store