D: Joel Schumacher
Millennium/Saturn/Nu Image (Rene Besson, Irwin Winkler & David Winkler)
US 2011
90 mins


W: Karl Gajdusek 
DP: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Ed: Bill Pankow
Mus: David Buckley

Nicolas Cage (Kyle Miller), Nicole Kidman (Sarah Miller), Liana Liberto (Avery Miller), Cam Gigandet (Jonah), Ben Mendelsohn (Elias), Jordana Spiro (Petal), Dash Mihok (Ty)

Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman star in this home invasion thriller, laced with an undercurrent of deception and betrayal.
Aside from a freak out performance from Nicolas Cage which is unintentionally hilarious, the other performances are way below par.
It says it all about the quality of this film, when it was pulled from its theatrical run after only 10 days to be put into DVD distribution just 18 days later.

Nicolas Cage & Nicole Kidman in Trespass
Nicolas Cage & Nicole Kidman in Trespass