The last man standing gets the kitty
The last man standing gets the kitty
D: Gregory Poirer
Columbia Tristar/Revolution/Eagle Cove (Alan Riche, Tony Ludwig & Paul Kurta)
US 2000
95 mins


W: Gregory Poirer
DP: Charles Minsky
Ed: Harry Keramidas
Mus: David Kitay

Jerry O'Connell (Michael Delaney), Shannon Elizabeth (Natalie Parker), Jake Busey (Kyle Brenner), Horatio Sanz (Steve), Jaime Pressly (Tricia)

Vulgar, adolescent sex comedy, starring Jerry O'Connell as a deadbeat gambler who needs funds, so hires an old flame to seduce his best friend, so he can collect on a wager they made, which would be won by whomever stays single the longest.
To call this comedy about as funny as testicular cancer just wouldn't be right, since it actually features a "joke" about testicular cancer. Absolutely classless from start to finish, with thoroughly unlikeable, feckless characters played by a cast with zero charisma.