Titanic II

100 years later. Lightning strikes twice
100 years later. Lightning strikes twice
D: Shane Van Dyke
Asylum (David Michael Latt)
US 2010
90 mins


W: Shane Van Dyke
DP: Alexander Yellen
Ed: Mark Atkins

Shane Van Dyke (Hayden Walsh), Marie Westbrook (Amy Maine), Bruce Davison (Capt. James Maine), Michelle Glavan (Kelly Wade)

A direct-to-DVD piece of trash which only exists to exploit the fans of the 1997 James Cameron movie. 
Made on a shoestring budget, this has nothing to do with Jack, Rose, Molly Brown, or even the Titanic...
A luxury liner, geniusly named Titanic II (yawn) sets off on its maiden voyage 100 years to the day after its namesake, but that pesky iceberg still has something up its sleeve and sends a tsunami to capsize the ship, therefore making this closer to a remake of The Poseidon Adventure (qv), which itself had a tepid remake in 2006.
Written by, directed by and starring the odious Shane Van Dyke (Dick's grandson), the film is so amateurish that it's obvious to see most of it was filmed in hotel corridors and that the Queen Mary is doubling up for the mighty ship. I think there's even a scene where you can make out Queen Mary merchandise.
Personally, I hope Shane Van Dyke bankrupted himself making this trash and doesn't make anymore exploitative crap to boost his own over-inflated ego and give him an excuse to walk arm-in-arm with a group of beautiful ladies. 
Even for Asylum Films, a production company whose output is generally poor, this is beyond terrible. 
Let it sink without trace, and Shane Van Dyke's nepotistic 'career' along with it.

Titanic II
Titanic II