¡Tie Me Up! ¡Tie Me Down!

D: Pedro Almodóvar
Enterprise/El Deseo (Agustin Almodóvar)
Spain 1990
102 mins


W: Pedro Almodóvar 
DP: Jose Luis Alcaine
Ed: José Salcedo
Mus: Ennio Morricone

Antonio Banderas (Ricky), Victoria Abril (Marina Osorio), Loles Leon (Lola), Francisco Rabal (Maximo Espejo)

A drug-addict porn actress is kidnapped by a former psychiatric patient who keeps her tied to his bed.
Though the plot sounds incredibly unsettling, it's very tastefully handled by Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar, who uses the brutal setting as a study for Stockholm syndrome rather than a tawdry S & M love story. 
Shot in Spanish, with English subtitles, but even some lovers of foreign language cinema will still be put off by its lurid storyline.

Victoria Abril in ¡Tie Me Up! ¡Tie Me Down!
Victoria Abril in ¡Tie Me Up! ¡Tie Me Down!