Thirteen Days

You'll never believe how close we came
You'll never believe how close we came
D: Roger Donaldson
New Line/Beacon (Armyan Bernstein, Peter Almond & Kevin Costner)
US 2000
145 mins


W: David Self [based on the book "The Kennedy Tapes - Inside The White House During The Cuban Missile Crisis" by Ernest R. May & Philip D. Zekalow]
DP: Andrzej Bartkowiak
Ed: Conrad Buff
Mus: Trevor Jones
PD: Dennis Washington

Kevin Costner (Kenneth O'Donnell), Bruce Greenwood (John F. Kennedy), Steven Culp (Robert Kennedy), Dylan Baker (Robert McNamara), Michael Fairman (Adlai Stevenson), Henry Strozier (Dean Rusk)

During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, John F. Kennedy and his White House staff decide on the best course of action to diffuse the situation without creating a Third World War.
An effectively chilling and captivating dramatisation of an important historical event which manages to maintain tension throughout despite it being known how events were resolved. Kevin Costner's comeback performance was unfortunately eclipsed by Bruce Greenwood, who gives an excellent portrayal of JFK. 

Thirteen Days
Thirteen Days