Theodore Rex

D: Jonathan Betuel
New Line/J&M (Richard Abramson & Sue Baden-Powell)
US 1995
92 mins

Comedy/Science Fiction

W: Jonathan Betuel
DP: David Tattersall
Ed: Rick Shaine & Paul Mirkovich
Mus: Robert Folk

Whoopi Goldberg (Katie Coltrane), George Newbern (voice of Theodore Rex), Armin Mueller-Stahl (Elizar Kane), Juliet Landau (Dr. Veronica Shade), Bud Cort (Spinner), Stephen Hattie (Edge)

Theodore Rex is one of those films which really shouldn't have been made. In fact, it nearly wasn't with main star Whoopi Goldberg reluctant to participate, only coerced into production via the threat of legal action. The final result was a straight to video flop which cost the studio in the region of $35m.
Set in the near future, a robot cop teams up with a humanoid dinosaur to solve a crime. There's some dialogue which the screenwriter planned to be jokes, but they aren't because they're not funny.
Even as a kids film, this is embarrassingly thin, and at 96 minutes it's a complete waste of an hour & a half.

Theodore Rex
Theodore Rex