Tequila Sunrise

A dangerous mix
A dangerous mix
D: Robert Towne
Warner/Mount Company (Tom Shaw)
US 1988
115 mins


W: Robert Towne
DP: Conrad L. Hall
Ed: Claire Simpson
Mus: Dave Grusin

Mel Gibson (Dale McKussic), Michelle Pfeiffer (Jo Ann Vallenari), Kurt Russell (Lt. Nick Frescia), Raul Julia (Xavier Escalante), J.T. Walsh (Hal Maguire)

A former drug dealer is tempted to get involved in one last major deal, but has his activities monitored by a narcotics detective, once one of his best friends, especially when they vie for the attentions of the same woman.
Better-than-average thriller, with a twist of romance, which capitalised on a cast that were considered box office gold at the tail end of the 1980's. Rather formulaic in places, but attractive to watch due to excellent cinematography and good performances.
For some, the cocktail of the same name would be far more palatable.
Kurt Russell in Tequila Sunrise
Kurt Russell in Tequila Sunrise