Teaching Mrs. Tingle

D: Kevin Williamson
Miramax/Dimension (Cathy Konrad, Julie Plec, Bob Weinstein & Harvey Weinstein)
US 1999
96 mins


W: Kevin Williamson
DP: Jerzy Zielinski
Ed: Debra Neil-Fisher
Mus: John Frizzell

Katie Holmes (Leigh Ann Watson), Helen Mirren (Eve Tingle), Barry Watson (Luke Churner), Marisa Coughlan (Jo Lynn Jordan), Liz Stauber (Trudie Tucker), Jeffrey Tambor (Richard Wenchell)

Delayed a release and retitled from "Killing Mrs. Tingle" to escape controversy following real-life events at Columbine High School, this film failed to capitalise on the same director-writer's successes with the first two Scream films and the TV series Dawson's Creek.
This black comedy sees precocious high school student Katie Holmes plan revenge on her strict teacher (Helen Mirren). With two of her friends, they break into her home and abduct her to teach her a lesson, but the belligerent teacher doesn't fold easily.
The script is too smug and knowing for its own good, and it's not viable to connect with the main character. What little entertainment is there is simply due to Helen Mirren's expertly bitchy performance.

Helen Mirren in Teaching Mrs Tingle
Helen Mirren in Teaching Mrs Tingle