The Spaceman & King Arthur

D: Russ Mayberry
Disney (Ron Miller)
UK/US 1979
93 mins

Science Fiction/Fantasy/Comedy

W: Don Tait [based on the novel "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" by Mark Twain]
DP: Paul Beeson
Ed: Peter Boita 
Mus: Ron Goodwin

Dennis Dugan (Tom Trimble / Hermes), Jim Dale (Sir Mordred), Ron Moody (Merlin), Kenneth More (King Arthur), John le Mesurier (Sir Gawain)

British-filmed Disney update on Mark Twain's classic fantasy with a science fiction twist, shot in the UK for the world famous studio (going through some financial issues) to take advantage of a tax loophole.
An astronaut and his identical robot find themselves launched back in time to the court of King Arthur, where he is initially met with conflict by the king's trusted knights and pantomime villain, Merlin.
Considering this is a Disney production, everything looks a little too cheap, set-bound and nothing has dated particularly well, not that young minds will mind too much.
Knockabout matinee stuff.

The Spaceman & King Arthur
The Spaceman & King Arthur