SUPER (18)
D: James Gunn
IFC/Hanway/Ambush (Ted Hope & Miranda Bailey)
US 2010
96 mins


W: James Gunn
DP: Steve Gainer
Ed: Cara Silverman
Mus: Tyler Bates

Rainn Wilson (Frank Darbo / The Crimson Bolt), Ellen Page (Libby / Boltie), Liv Tyler (Sarah Helgeland), Kevin Bacon (Jacques), Michael Rooker (Abe), Nathan Fillion (The Holy Avenger)

Super is not too dissimilar to Kick-Ass (qv), in the respect that it's about an ordinary chap who becomes fed up with his own meagre life and dons a costume & mask to fight crime, he's rather useless at doing so at first, but improves after enlisting the help of a feisty sidekick. That's where the similarities end. In Super, our hero is influenced to do so after his wife embarks on affair with a drug dealer.
Considering the director is best known for Troma productions, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the film has some very unpleasant moments to go hand-in-hand with its adult humour, but its biggest downfalls are that the lead character doesn't have enough charisma and isn't likeable enough to have you root for him and the justice he dispenses. It's also incredibly depressing, which a comedy should never be.

Ellen Page in Super
Ellen Page in Super