D: Blake Edwards
Tristar/Delphi (Tony Adams)
US 1988
107 mins


W: Blake Edwards
DP: Anthony Richmond
Ed: Robert Pergament
Mus: Henry Mancini

Bruce Willis (Tom Mix), James Garner (Wyatt Earp), Malcolm McDowell (Alfie Alperin), Mariel Hemingway (Cheryl King), Kathleen Quinlan (Nancy Shoemaker)

On a Hollywood film set where a biopic is being made about his life, Wyatt Earp teams up with movie star cowboy Tom Mix to solve a murder.
This whodunit comedy misfires aplenty, mostly due to a poor script, lazy direction and a couple of poor performances. It captures the period of the early 20th century quite well, but isn't really worth watching with that alone to recommend it.

James Garner & Bruce Willis in Sunset
James Garner & Bruce Willis in Sunset