The Station Agent

D: Thomas McCarthy
Miramax/SenArt/Next Wednesday (Mary Jane Skalski, Robert May & Kathryn Tucker)
US 2003
90 mins


W: Thomas McCarthy
DP: Oliver Bokelberg
Ed: Tom McArdle
Mus: Stephen Trask

Peter Dinklage (Finbar McBride), Bobby Cannavale (Joe), Patricia Clarkson (Olivia), Raven Goodwin (Cleo), Paul Benjamin (Henry Styles), Michelle Williams (Emily)

Screenwriter Thomas McCarthy's directorial debut is a gentle traipse through rural New Jersey, starring Peter Dinklage as a model train repairman who moves to a railway depot left to him in his best friend's will. A man of short stature, Dinklage's appearance makes him the butt of many jokes and the wrong sort of attention, so he quite understandably wants to be left alone, but soon develops a friendship with a chatty hot dog vendor and a woman with her own problems.
This slice of independent cinema features a host of good performances and a quaint little story, well worth a watch.

Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent
Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent