Spies Like Us

With spies like these who needs enemies?
With spies like these who needs enemies?
D: John Landis
Warner Bros. (Brian Grazer & George Folsey, Jr.)
US 1985
109 mins


W: Dan Aykroyd, Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel
DP: Robert Paynter
Ed: Malcolm Campbell
Mus: Elmer Bernstein

Dan Aykroyd (Austin Millbarge), Chevy Chase (Emmett Fitz-Hume), Donna Dixon (Karen Boyer), Steve Forrest (Gen. Sline), Bruce Davison (Ruby), William Prince (Keyes)

Cold War comedy which didn't really outlive the 1980's. Dan Aykroyd & Chevy Chase are America's worst government agents, sent undercover into the Soviet Union as decoys. The running joke is that they think they're on a legitimate mission. Eventually, it's proved that they were the right men for the job and the superior officers who set them up as stooges are the ones who get their comeuppance.
There's a few moments which raise a smile and the Aykroyd-Chase partnership works very well, almost reminiscent of the Bob Hope-Bing Crosby double act and their "Road To..." series of films. It's biggest problem is that it became dated almost as soon as it came out. Still, there's enough one-liners that hit the spot, with cameos galore from B.B. King & Frank Oz to Bob Hope himself (his final screen appearance) and it can still be very much enjoyed as a guilty pleasure movie.

Dan Aykroyd & Chevy Chase in Spies Like Us
Dan Aykroyd & Chevy Chase in Spies Like Us