D: Boon Jong-Ho

TWC/Stillking/Moho/Opus/Union Investment Partners (Jeong Tae-Sung, Steven Nam, Park Chan-Wook & Lee Tae-Hun)

South Korea/Czech Republic 2013

126 mins

Science Fiction/Action/Thriller

W: Bong Joon-Ho & Kelly Masterson [based on the graphic novel "Le Transperceniege" by Jacques Lob & Benjamin Legrand]

DP: Hong Kyong-Po

Ed: Steve M. Cho & Changju Kim

Mus: Marco Beltrami

Chris Evans (Curtis Everett), Song Kang-Ho (Namgoong Minsoo), John Hurt (Gilliam), Tilda Swinton (Minister Mason), Jamie Bell (Edgar), Ed Harris (Wilford)

South Korean director Bong Jong-Ho's first English language film is based on a French graphic novel, partly funded by a Czech production company, so this really is a fine example of World Cinema.

Set in a future where a new ice age has plunged the earth into freezing temperatures, on board a high-tech train which circumnavigates the planet, taking exactly one year to complete its circuit.

The survivors are divided by class, with the bourgeoise at the front of the train, living in relative luxury, whilst the poor live off scraps at the very rear.

A rebellion forms and the uprising sees them move towards the front of the train, triggering desperate measures from the hierarchy.

Snowpiercer trades off a fantastic idea, and for the most part makes for a thrilling, action-packed sci-fi, with some dark themes. Unfortunately, the tone isn't consistent throughout and there's a scene or two which are far too goofy in comparison with the rest.

I'll also have to note that the version of this film I watched was a European version with English & Korean audio, but no English subtitles for the latter, so some of the dialogue will remain a mystery to me.