D: Mick Garris
Columbia Tristar/ION (Mark Victor, Michael Grais & Nabeel Zahid)
US 1992
89 mins


W: Stephen King
DP: Rodney Charters
Ed: O. Nicholas Brown
Mus: Nicholas Pike

Brian Krause (Charles Brady), Mädchen Amick (Tanya Robertson), Alice Krige (Mary Brady), Jim Haynie (Donald Robertson), Cindy Pickett (Helen Robertson), Ron Perlman (Capt. Soames)

A mother and son, both shape-shifting, vampiric creatures and the last of their species, move into a small town community, where they feast on the blood of young girls for sustenance. This isn't a vampire movie however, as the creatures' true forms are in the shape of large cats and they share a mutual hatred and hostility towards the domesticated kind.
Written directly for the screen by Stephen King, rather than adapted from one of his novels, this strange horror features way too many cats, too little suspense and very little entertainment. The film does feature one of cinemas most unusual death scenes, where a corn on the cob is the lethal implement, but this really is the only notable moment in a somnambulant film.