Silver Dream Racer

D: David Wickes
Rank (Rene Dupont)
UK 1980
111 mins


W: David Wickes
DP: Paul Beeson
Ed: Peter Hollywood
Mus: David Essex

David Essex (Nick Freeman), Beau Bridges (Bruce McBride), Christina Raines (Julie Prince), Harry H. Corbett (Wiggins)

The last film to be funded by British production company Rank before it became assimilated into other companies (eventually going defunct in 1996). Unfortunately, it's less a swan song and more a whimper.
Silver Dream Racer is a cliche-ridden, derivative sports drama starring David Essex at the peak of his success as a garage mechanic who becomes a motorcycle racer.
The script is as asinine as the Essex-penned songs on the soundtrack and the performances aren't anything particularly special either. 
It's worth noting that the versions edited for British cinemas is vastly different from the one which was released internationally, as one has a downbeat (and unintentionally hilarious) ending.

Silver Dream Racer
Silver Dream Racer