Silent Hill

D: Christophe Gans
Universal/Tristar/Focus Features (Samuel Hadida & Don Carmody)
Canada/France 2006
125 mins


W: Roger Avary [based on the video game developed by Konami]
DP: Dan Lausten
Ed: Sebastian Prangere
Mus: Jeff Danna

Radha Mitchell (Rose da Silva), Sean Bean (Christopher da Silva), Laurie Holden (Cybil Bennett), Jodelle Ferland (Alessa Gillespie), Deborah Kara Unger (Dahlia Gillespie)

Silent Hill is another poor attempt to merge a movie with its video game origin without bothering to add plot & character development or even a decent story into the fold.
The story (or lack of) follows Radha Mitchell as the most irresponsible mother in the world, who wants to cure her daughter's somnambulism, so she does what all intelligent, competent mothers do... She takes her to the desolate ghost town of Silent Hill, the subject of her daughter's dreams/nightmares, much against the wishes of her husband (a wasted Sean Bean).
Once in Silent Hill, the daughter vanishes and the mother is attacked by terrible special effects which you can only assume are meant to be disturbing.
This goes on for nearly two hours and the films ends, setting up a needless, unnecessary sequel.

Silent Hill
Silent Hill