Short Cuts

D: Robert Altman
Artificial Eye/Spelling/Fine Line/Avenue (Cary Brokaw)
US 1993
188 mins


W: Robert Altman & Frank Barhydt [based on characters created by Raymond Carver]
DP: Walt Lloyd
Ed: Geraldine Peroni
Mus: Mark Isham

Andie MacDowell (Ann Finnegan), Bruce Davison (Howard Finnegan), Julianne Moore (Marian Wyman), Matthew Modine (Dr. Ralph Wyman), Anne Archer (Claire Kane), Fred Ward (Stuart Kane), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Lois Kaiser), Robert Downey, Jr. (Bill Bush), Tim Robbins (Gene Shepard), Madeleine Stowe (Sherri Shepard)

An adult soap opera based on a series of stories and poems by author Raymond Carver. This warts & all melodrama focuses on the dysfunctional lives of a collection of dysfunctional families in the Los Angeles suburbs and how their actions intertwine. 
Short Cuts was amongst the first of a long series of movies which feature interlinking stories to various effect.
The quality of the collection of tales is better in this than most, but suffers due only to it's almost insubordinate length. Tim Robbins is the standout cast member as a sadistic cop in one of the most interesting stories on display in this suburban kaleidoscope.
Short Cuts
Short Cuts