Seems Like Old Times

D: Jay Sandrich
Columbia (Ray Stark)
US 1980
102 mins


W: Neil Simon
DP: David M. Walsh
Ed: Michael A. Stevenson
Mus: Marvin Hamlisch

Goldie Hawn (Glenda Parks), Chevy Chase (Nick Gardenia), Charles Grodin (Ira Parks), Robert Guillaume (Fred), Harold Gould (Judge John Channings), George Grizzard (Stanley)

Bank robber Nick takes refuge from the law with his ex-wife Glenda, a lawyer married to a district attorney who happens to despise him. 
Typical Odd-Couple-esque formula from screenwriter Neil Simon, though the performances aren't quite convincing enough to make this particularly funny and Jay Sandrich's television style direction doesn't make the movie particularly engaging.
It has a couple of moments which raise a smile, but considering the talent involved, it really ought to have been better.

Seems Like Old Times
Seems Like Old Times